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The situation
Does your company want to reach new markets or move production sites to Africa or India? Do you want to send leaders or technical staff abroad? With our tailor-made global mentoring process we ensure you a safe transition. Whether you intend to be active in India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Mali, the Ivory Cost or anywhere else, we are at your side with our global support programmes.

Our service

synetz - international First 100 days Transition Coaching
This prepares your personnel for the new environment, its culture and people. The leader develops the first steps and questions to ask
synetz - international Culture Compass
This allows a realistic self-assessment – what culture type am I? What impact will it have in the host culture? How best to prepare myself?
synetz - international Country specific coaching
For all countries mentioned above we provide knowledgeable country-specific coaching and preparation by local coaches. We tackle culture-specific questions such as leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, performance culture etc.
synetz - international “International Learning Journey“
On demand we prepare the “Learning Journey” for your company to the respective country – you come to know its economy, culture and communication. You get in touch with local business networks and colleagues.
synetz - international Culture Scout
During the first months in the new country we offer you a culture scout as mentor, who frequently analyses the new situations with you and takes appropriate actions as required.
synetz - international Strategy and Team Building on the spot
As soon as your company and the representatives have gained a foothold, it’s time to develop and communicate the strategy locally and to develop a good team rapport. We are specialists in assisting you in doing so.

Your Benefit
Your leaders and technical staff start their job well prepared on the soft side of the the coin. Your company doesn´t waste time and money with blocked communication or numerous cultural misunderstandings.

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